Instagoogling is the fastest and most efficient way to Google from Sublime Text, right now it only works for Windows but a Mac version is on the works.

How it works? Just press F1 and get a magic pop-up that allows you to search and navigate your code at the same time, when you are done with it just press ctrl+w to close it, from either sublime or the browser!.

FYI: The pop-up asks websites to deliver their android version, why? Because that way websites fit perfectly in the pop-up, meaning you can use it without scrolling horizontally or changing the size of the popup, you can always press F11 to make it big.

🍌 How to install

You need to install 2 things for this to work: The Sublime Text Plugin and the Google Chrome Extension

  1. Install the Sublime Text Plugin following these steps:

    • Download the latest release
    • Uncompress it
    • Move the folder to your Packages directory, to find it you may go to Preferences > Packages
    • Open Sublime Text
    • Wait a few minutes for dependencies to install (it will show a message when is done)
    • Restart Sublime Text
    • If it doesn't work make sure you already have installed the Sublime Text package manager and you may open the console to check for error messages (at View > Show Console)
  2. To install the Chrome Extension open this link and click "Add to Chrome", thats all. Link:

🍌 How to use

To start using it just make sure you have Google Chrome and Sublime Text open, that's all; just press the F1 key every time you need to do some Googling, or press the ctrl+w to close it.

Why ctrl+w, isn't it already used by sublime text!? ctrl+w only closes the window if it's already opened, otherwise it does the default thing (e.g. closing the current tab); this also means you don't have to worry about which window is focused (the pop-up or Sublime) because presing ctrl+w always closes the browser first.

This is great! Any tips for maximum efficiency? ...Yep!

Happy coding!